Thursday, October 9, 2008

1. You can play volleyball in a Speedo. This is one of the most popular things you can do in a Speedo.

2. You can walk along the beach with your friends in a Speedo.

3. You can shop in a Speedo.

4. You can play Fresca Ball in a Speedo.

5. You can enjoy the splash of the surf in a Speedo.

6. You can hold your wiener (dog) in a Speedo.

7. You can play with your (coco)nuts in a Speedo.

8. You can play with your balls in a Speedo.

9. You can run with your happy beagle and your hot girlfriend in a Speedo.

10. You can do manual labor in a Speedo. That's a shovel in his hand and he was using it to dig a hole right before I took the photo.

11. You can ride your bike in a Speedo.

12. You can also walk your bike in a Speedo.

13. You can relax with your hot boyfriend in a Speedo.

14. You can parent in a Speedo.

15. You can multi-task in a Speedo: you can wear a backpack in a Speedo, you can vend (i.e. harrass tourists) in a Speedo and you can advertise on your ass in a Speedo.

16. You can pose for a photo in a Speedo.

17. (Pan out) You can be a photographer in a Speedo.

18. You can listen to music in a Speedo. You can also tuck your shirt into a Speedo.

19. You can hang out with your friends in a Speedo.

20. You can buy a Pizza in a Cone in a Speedo. You can also go out at night in a Speedo, though it's not very common.

21. You can work out in a Speedo. He had just finished doing pull-ups. You can also have a hot body in a Speedo. I'm just sayin...

22. You can take your lunch break in a Speedo. You can also be a cutey-patootie in a Speedo.

23. You can wear a silly Gilligan hat (perhaps to protect yourself from the sun?) in a Speedo.

24. You can contemplate your retirement in a Speedo.

25. You can walk in the rain in a Speedo.

26. You can be a superhero with a boogie board in a rain forest in a Speedo.

And saving the absolute best picture for last....

27. You can impersonate Ghandi riding a stylin' skateboard in a Speedo.

If I had been a little bit faster with the camera you would also have proof that you can do push ups in a Speedo and you can skip in a Speedo (really, you can! I saw it done!! By a grown man!) I didn't get the photos though, so you're just going to have to take my word for it.


Anonymous said...

Did Abraham Lincoln ever wear a speedo? And if so...could he operate his George Foreman Grill in a Speedo?

Anonymous said...

that is just gross!

Sarah F. said...

Jill, this is hilarious!!! but why did I originally think one of these pictures was of PAT? Is he going to kill me for that?

Vickie said...

I had NO idea so many things could be done in a Speedo!!! Wonder why the Speedo isn't as popular over here?! Just think of all the stuff that could be accomplished! Women -- put your man in a Speedo, sit back and relax -- and voila! All the house cleaning could be done! :)

L said...

Jill, you are the funniest ever.